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Welcome to the official home of MB Concepts. We work with a host of clients from small entrepreneurs in businesses right up to some of the bigger household brands and companys.

We play a different role for different clients but overall we ensure we are part of the team, it keeps us informed, makes us easy to work with and ensures we are continually adding value.

Jobs vary of course, inventing our primary goal and licensing those new inventions to clients, branding new inventions to product categories. Our goal at MB Concepts is to put you on the 10 most wanted products in America and Europe. We love our jobs, we want you to love yours too. How do we do that by creating some of the most techno-innovations and gadgets in the industry.  When the company founder, Morris Betty, left Mattel after 20 years he did not just want to start another inventor group. So he immediately drew from his strengths, industry connections, high-tech knowledge, and an understanding of how to make great products work. In his first year Morris had limited goals but though working with, some smaller players in the industry, went to number two and three in this competitive market, in just one short year. The concepts, dedication, and technology spoke for themselves in the industry.

Give us a call if you want to go to the next step 1310-4870696  email -  mbconcept@me.com